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Management policy

“I want to radically change Japanese English education”

We aim to “dramatically change Japanese English education.” Until now, in Japanese English education, it has been a problem for Japanese people that even if they learn it, they will not be able to speak easily. This was largely due to lack of learning time.

At TORAIZ, we believe that with the proper support of a consultant, it has been proved that even busy businesspeople can speak English that can be used in business by correctly learning for 1,000 hours a year.
Through this, we will develop the following things in the future.

1 Nationwide expansion
We will develop a center so that anyone can study according to the TORAIZ program all over Japan according to the needs of learning English.

2 Corporate development
Today, the challenge for globalization of Japanese companies is to strengthen “organizational English proficiency”. In line with the TORAIZ program, we will develop a consulting and training business to improve “organizational English proficiency”.

3 Utilization of IT (information technology)
Currently, we are using Pearson’s Versant™ TEST, which automatically analyzes voice as a test for measuring English conversation ability.