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Message from top management

Our program matches the development of human resources who will survive in the global society and will surely lead to success and bring new value.

We founded Tryon with the desire to develop an “education business” that grows people by sharing wisdom and knowledge.
The current main business of coaching English conversation “TORAIZ” is a program to master business-friendly English in one year. A dedicated consultant personally optimizes learning for each student and supports their growth in English.

When it was founded in 2006, it provided online learning using IT technology, but there was a limit to how effective it could be.
The problem is “maintaining motivation”. At TORAIZ, “people” manage the progress of learning while utilizing IT.
By advancing daily learning with a consultant and a three-legged race, we continue learning and produce effective results while maintaining motivation.
The TORAIZ program, which has been created because of trial and error since its establishment, is confidently recommended to those who want to learn English.

We also believe that the programs we offer will play a very important role in the continued growth of Japanese companies.
In Japan, where the birthrate is declining, the domestic market is shrinking, and it is expected that overseas expansion and large-scale acquisitions of overseas companies will increase in response.

Under such circumstances, being able to acquire English that can be used at work while working will play an important role in developing human resources who will survive in the global society in the future.

We will continue to contribute to the creation of a happier society by sharing wisdom and knowledge and growing by utilizing the latest IT such as the Internet, tablet terminals, and robots.