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Management Philosophy

Opening the possibilities of people and organizations through learning

When Takenobu Miki, the representative of the TORAIZ program, decided to “master English” in the shortest and fastest time when he was the secretary of Masayoshi Son at Softbank, he was able to negotiate with major companies in English he mastered. The TORAIZ program is based on that experience.
We provide programs so that you can acquire not only grammar but also English skills in actual business communication.

We are confident that by increasing the number of TORAIZ students, we will be able to form a Japanese society where we can have strong negotiations within the international community.
In fact, many of the TORAIZ graduates are in a higher position than before taking the course because they can use English in actual in actual business communication.
Through TORAIZ, you can realize that “life will change” by learning English that can be communicated to the other party, and it can be one step into playing an active part in the international community.

We will support the globalization of Japanese society and the development of the economic society by improving communication skills in English, which Japanese people are not good at, and contributing to negotiations in the international community.