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CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility)

At Tryon, we will actively utilize our know-how to engage in CSR activities to realize communication with local communities and global communication for the sound and sustainable development of society.
In addition, in our daily sales activities, we provide education on the environment to carry out environmentally friendly efforts, and each center appoints a person in charge of enlightenment activities.

1. Volunteer leave system

We have special leave for volunteer activities to facilitate volunteer activities. Our staff are in contact with foreign nationals in their daily sales activities, so we can also act as an interpreter for foreign nationals living in Japan.

2.Fostering global human resources

We will customize the TORAIZ project, which is mainly for working adults, and offer free courses for university students who are going to study abroad. We will give lectures on the practice of speaking for study abroad and points to note in communication that cannot be understood from the textbook.

3.Cooperation with local communities

We will be actively involved in local activities and value daily communication.