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Digital education business

Digital education business

We are engaged in various digital education projects with the aim of providing many people with learning opportunities that are easier and more tailored to their individual needs.
We have been focusing on e-learning since our founding, thinking that Internet learning, which is becoming the standard in the world, will spread further in Japan in the future.

Study Mall

“Study Mall” is a mail-order site for learning materials centered on English teaching materials.
Currently, we are selling the English DVD teaching material set “Native Kids” for children and the “Versant ™ Preparation Program”, which is a mock exam of the English conversation test Versant ™, which is widely used in employment exams.
The goal of “Study Mall” is to combine the know-how cultivated through the operation of English conversation classes into teaching materials and provide English learning materials to as many people as possible.


Introduction as a recruitment test

Versant™ measures the ability to listen and speak English, which is difficult to measure with TOEIC(R) and other tests.

Measuring the English conversation skills of employees

By introducing an automatic language recognition system that does not require human intervention, objective and accurate analysis is realized.

Measures for individual job hunting

Please take the “Versant ™” test to prepare for the employment exam and to prove your English proficiency when job hunting.