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English education business

English education business

Since the fall of 2012, which is the fifth year since our founding with e-learning as one pillar, we have started a new type of English education business that combines digital contents and real lessons.

The English education business not only improves the quality of lessons in the classroom, but also incorporates digital tools such as apps and various mechanisms to help maximize the time at home. We will provide effective and efficient learning methods.


TORAIZ is a complete learning support program that allows you to master English in a year while you are in Japan, even if you are busy with work.

After experiencing e-learning since our founding in 2006, we concluded that it is necessary to regularly measure the effects and provide real support by people to maintain motivation to acquire language learning. TORAIZ embodies that.
Each student will be supported by a Japanese English consultant and a native instructor.
By studying English for a total of 1,000 hours a year, 3 hours a day, you will thoroughly improve your English proficiency.
And over one year, we will thoroughly support you to get the result of “reaching the set English conversation level”.